Of course, you have priorities! Emergency planning, business continuation plans, employee safety, health and welfare for your tenants, clients and the public should be at the top of that list.


Next comes damage control.  In order to weather this viral storm, companies will need to remain nimble, fast-acting and lean on expenses. You’ll defer all expenses that can be put off and review your P&L to start slashing expenses starting from the largest down to the smallest.


Waste and recycling expenses are often at the very bottom of those expenses.  But there is an urgency that you shouldn’t be ignoring.  Your waste provider is very happy to continue to charge you full price for services even if your dumpster is completely empty.  Use this time NOW to review the usage of your waste containers and reduce service accordingly, thereby preserving savings that can be easily measured in thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.  If you wait, there will be no recovering the cost of these unneeded services, no refunds, no credits.  Waste providers will ensure they are paid for these services. In some cases, they are legally allowed to put a lien on your property, all but guaranteeing collection.


Please go out and evaluate your waste needs and call your provider now.  Before signing ANYTHING, make sure to read “ Dealing With COVID -19 Impact on Waste and Recycling


My heart goes out to all of those affected by this pandemic. Please stay safe.



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Marshall Staiman, LEED Green Associate

Marshall Staiman, LEED Green Associate

President at Talismark

The author is an owner at Talismark, a national waste and recycling outsource management company that services retail and commercial businesses throughout the United States. He is Harvard Business School case study participant and lecturer, he’s been featured in Forbes magazine, and has placed on Inc. 500/5000 list of fastest growing companies two years running. 


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