Way too often, service falls short!


“Creative” fees and price increases are the norm.


Contracts are HEAVILY SLANTED in the hauler’s favor.

Service Problems               Fee Increases             Contract Woes               Good News

If you’ve worked with one of the big haulers for any length of time, you know it first hand…their interests aren’t always in alignment with yours.

Got Garbage Headaches?  You’re not alone.

You take pride in maintaining your property, and you trust that your hauler shares the same commitment to excellence.  The Ugly Truth… that’s rarely the case.

Talismark - The Ugly Truth - Got Garbage Headaches? You’re not alone.

The U.S. Waste Industry Rakes in Over $75 Billion a Year.

That’s more than the GDP of many countries.

So how do waste hauling companies make their money? How do they ensure hefty profits year-in and year-out?

In a word… INCREASES.

Their contracts allow for built-in increases for disposal, collection, fuel, CPI, plus anything else they decide to add!

Talismark - The Ugly Truth - The U.S. Waste Industry Rakes in Over $75 Billion a Year.

Hauler contracts – here’s why they’re NOT in your favor…

Exclusive rights to all your waste hauling and recycling


Restrictive and long-term – some as long as 5 years!

Automatic renewals unless cancelled in a specified window


Ability to impose high interest and substantial late fees


Termination fees with six months or more in fees as “damages”

Requiring you to waive a jury trial in the event of a dispute


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There’s a BETTER WAY and we can help.

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