For us, it’s more than just a word.

There are few things as important as preserving our planet for future generations. For Talismark, that’s more than just talk. We proactively measure and report on environmental impact, and partner with every client to reduce their carbon footprint.

It Starts with Accurate Data

When it comes to sustainability, our Talismarker Sensor Technology is an industry game changer.

Hourly snapshots of every container’s fill levels, accurate diversion rates, and exact collection times result in REAL sustainability information.

Talismark - It Starts with Accurate Data

Tangible Results on Environmental Efficiency (TREE) Reporting

Talismark is happy to provide our clients with accurate, ease-to-interpret savings and environmental impact reporting on an annual basis. Our proprietary TREE Reporting provides you with insight into:

  • Hard dollar savings
  • Recycling %
  • Landfill space saved
  • Trees saved
  • Oil consumption and energy saved
  • Air pollution reduced
  • Water saved
Talismark - TREE Report

Click on any of the report samples below for a closer look.

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