A national provider of senior care communities was looking to have more administrative efficiency and better pricing across their communities


After one of our National Account Managers presented the company with our information they asked us to analyze their properties to determine the efficiency of their program. They also wanted to have the billing and management of their waste and recycling services centralized to maximize efficiency across their portfolio


An analysis of the properties was conducted by Talismark at no expense to the client. Using our unique proprietary system of CARE (Capture, Analyze, Re-Optimize, and Execute) to ensure the very best model for efficiency, tenant support and cost savings at every site we modeled the trash management processes to:
• Save money
• Right size services throughout 7 locations
• Negotiate rates on the client’s behalf
• Increase recycling participation
• Centralize the management of the services for administrative efficiency
• Free the client and property managers to focus on core business functions
• Along with providing additional Talismark benefits


By using Talismark the client realized a 15% savings which equated to monetary savings of over $11,000 annually. The implementation of an aggressive recycling initiative was also put in place, adding recycling into the program of 4 properties where it did not currently exist. In addition to the savings all day-today management of the waste program for these properties are handled by Talismark’s client services.

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