Talismarker Waste Sensor Technology.

Real accountability for the waste industry.

Monitoring waste levels 24/7… So you don’t have to!

Powerful service level reporting.

What is Talismarker?               24/7 Monitoring               A Game Changer           Powerful Reporting

Your trash can tell you a lot about service levels… and now it has a voice.

Introducing Talismarker Sensor Technology

You’ve probably heard the saying, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” There’s a lot of truth in this statement, and it’s the idea behind Talismark’s innovative sensor technology.

No more guessing whether your containers are getting emptied on schedule, or whether the current pickup schedule really meets your needs. With Talismarker, you’ve got a powerful way to hold your haulers accountable!

Keeping a Watchful Eye on Things…

When affixed to containers, Talismarker sensors act as your eyes and ears 24 hours a day – providing accurate information on waste volumes and collection, including:

  • Missed pickups
  • Actual pickup days
  • Fill levels throughout the day
  • Fill levels at time of pickup

Why Talismarker Technology is a Game Changer?

Bottom line, it increases efficiency and saves you money by:

  • Reducing unneeded pickups
  • Optimizing scheduling
  • Identifying missed pickups
  • Helping right-size your dumpsters
  • Accurately reporting sustainability metrics
Talismark - Why Talismarker Technology is a Game Changer?

Powerful & Intuitive Reporting

While our sensors may collect a mountain of data, all our clients REALLY WANT is great service. That’s why we offer powerful, at-a-glance reporting – reporting that allows us to efficiently manage your waste services.
Whether on computer or cell phone, graphical displays of service level specifics ensure you are always in the loop!

What does YOUR trash have to say about service levels?