Outsourcing your waste and recycling program allow for a skilled mediator between individuals and companies that require trash hauling services. Let’s look at just few simple benefits of this partnership.

Direct Contracts

Brokers can contract directly with clients. Companies use waste brokers for everything from recyclable materials to medical waste. Many large companies choose a broker because brokers offer consolidated billing.

This type of billing allows clients in different locations throughout the country to receive a detailed summary of the waste service, instead of receiving multiple invoices from different waste collectors in different parts of the country. Consolidated billing allows clients in various locations to streamline invoicing creating efficiencies in accounting, time, and resources.

How much does it cost your business each year with an inefficient waste management strategy?

Finding the answer to this question may not be that easy. Outsourcing waste helps companies save money and reduce inefficiencies in the waste management processes.  Here are some simple benefits to working with a waste broker.

Comprehensive Waste Planning

Waste management intermediaries (brokers) help companies find the best waste management plan and the associated costs. Many companies are unaware that the cost of handling, storing and processing waste can affect the budget or that it is often easy to find ways to reduce associated waste.

Waste brokers use industry knowledge to help companies to review their waste management policies and then convert those guidelines into maximum efficiency and maximum benefits. Waste brokers often know the waste disposal and storage methods that most business owners haven’t considered and have connections to other waste disposal options that can be used.

Save Money on The Entire Waste Process

If a waste broker has helped a company breakdown the waste management process and associated costs, now all these steps should be redesigned to save costs and streamline the process. Experts in waste management are not only limited to adjusting a garbage collection programs. Brokers help avoid mistakes, simplify processes and help companies comply with government regulations so businesses do not face unexpected fees and fines.

Another benefit of hiring a broker for waste management is that companies can get a complete picture of the recycling process and even identify additional materials that can be recycled or reused. Companies can benefit in two ways: by helping reduce waste (thus reducing storage and transportation costs) and by helping to build a green image that is attractive to consumers and investors.

Managing the Haulers Of Your Waste

Large waste disposal companies can have a negative impact on your bottom line, especially if not managed properly. Incorrect invoices, Price increases, lost collections and operator’s service charges are common in the industry but finding these errors and fixing them can be painful process. They depend on the fact that most people don’t even notice regarding those errors and that costs. A good broker should notice these errors and resolve them on your behalf keep you cost under control.

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Our Value Proposition

Talismark’s waste management services offer the ability to simplify the processes and the management of your waste program.

What to Expect:➡Outsourcing Your Waste and Recycling Program


No costs to identify potential savings, We use a proven savings model, and in most cases do all this work for a percentage of the monthly savings.

Lastly, managing waste requires time and effort; so many companies have learned to save money by partnering. We manage your waste for you and work on your behalf to streamline your very own processes. We use careful analysis and control efficiencies that champion sustainability and compliance with measurable results.  We create customer experiences that capture value, reduce cost, and saves resources!


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