We ANALYZE Your Situation

We OPTIMIZE for Savings

We EXECUTE for Results

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With Talismark as your advocate, there IS a better way… one that offers you freedom of choice, accountability over your waste vendors, and substantial cost savings.
Talismark - We Analyze Your Waste Situation

We Analyze Your Situation.

With Talismark, you’re more than an account number. That’s why we take time to perform a comprehensive waste services audit for every client.

– Does your waste hauler uses the most efficient processes and equipment to deliver your company the most value?
– Are they picking up your trash too often, or using their “preferred” landfill even though there is one closer to you?

We’ll roll up our sleeves and help you answer these and other important questions.

Talismark - We Optimize for Efficiency & Savings

We Optimize for Efficiency & Savings.

Armed with a complete understanding of your situation, we move aggressively to make improvements:

  • Taking steps to “right-size” service levels
  • Implementing recycling or diverting more recycling
  • Securing bids from multiple vendors
  • Using national buying power to negotiate preferred pricing
  • Implementing systems to monitor service levels
Talismark - We Execute to Ensure Results.

We Execute to Ensure Results.

Success lies in the details, and this is where Talismark excels on your behalf. Clients rely on us over the long-haul to:

  • Navigate contracts to ensure your interests are protected
  • Perform market analysis to ensure the lowest possible cost
  • Monitor hauler performance to ensure accountability
  • Address service issues promptly and completely
  • Provide accurate financial and sustainability reporting

Since we began our surveying sites and creating optimized pricing, we have saved our clients an average of 15%. We negotiate with haulers at levels that most commercial businesses can’t and have the market leverage to optimize service assets.

Learn more about the results you can expect!

The path to LESS headaches and MORE savings starts with a free waste services audit.